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Old Settlers Picnic Grounds and Chapel are part of the Leelanau County park system. The Glen Lake Woman’s club, a non-profit organization, has been involved with the beautification and use of the Chapel since 1966.

The chapel is available from May 15th through October 31st and can accommodate up to 70 people. Please be aware that it is the only portion of the park that can be reserved. Although the gazebo and the remainder of the park are available as a first-come, first-serve basis, we have found that in most cases, other small groups are able to picnic, use the beach and the dock without disturbing your planned activity. We recommend arriving early in the day to establish your desired area of usage.

We ask for a $200.00* donation in order to confirm your reservation. This will cover our cleaning and maintenance costs before and after your event. Any other donation you wish to make is appreciated and is used exclusively for the upkeep of the Chapel.
*Deposit is refunded if notification to CATHY WEISSBLATT is made prior to 30 days of the event.

Please take a moment to download, complete and mail the application so that Cathy may confirm the date for you. Make your check or money order for the donation amount payable to the Glen Lake Woman’s Club and mail to:
Glen Lake Woman’s Club c/o Cathy Weissblatt 11612 S. Village Ct. Empire, MI 49630 ATTN: CHAPEL RESERVATIONS

Closer to the date of your event, you will be contacted for final arrangements regarding access to the Chapel. Please feel free to contact Cathy Weissblatt, (203)243-6158), cathyweissblatt@hotmail.com , if you should have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for choosing Old Settlers Chapel for your special day.

Several generations have used and helped care for the chapel. In order to help the Glen Lake Woman’s Club keep it in good condition, and for the safety of all concerned, please follow the Rules and Regulations for use of the Chapel and Old Settlers Picnic Grounds.

Chapel Rules and Regulations

  1. The chapel is to be left in good condition.
  2. No smoking in the chapel.
  3. No food, beverages, or alcohol are allowed in the chapel.
  4. No electric heaters in chapel.
  5. The picnic tables may be moved to the chapel area and are to be returned to their original locations at the end of your event.
  6. The use of canopies is allowed. A permit is required to set up a tent.
  7. The chapel does have electricity; sound systems are permitted to be used.

1. PARK HOURS: Park is open from sunrise to sunset.
2. Refuse must be disposed of in containers provided.
3. Fires allowed in designated grills only.
4. Beach fires are prohibited.
5. Plants and trees may not be cut or removed from park.
6. Alcoholic consumption is prohibited.
7. No lifeguard on duty. Swim at your own risk. Diving off dock is prohibited.
8. Launching power boats from anywhere in the park is prohibited.
9. Fireworks in park are prohibited.
10. Pets are allowed in designated areas only, and must be on a leash no longer than six (6) feet in length and under control by owner at all times. Owner is also responsible for any cleanup of messes made by pets. (See signs in park for designated areas.)
11. Solicitation in park is prohibited.
12. Camping in park is prohibited.
13. Operation of off-road vehicles or snowmobiles is prohibited in park.
14. Music from radios and/or other devices shall not be excessive or disturbing to other park guests.
15. Violation of any provision of this ordinance is a misdemeanor, according to statue P.A. 261 of 1965.

(Approved by the Leelanau County Board of Commissions on 10-9-07)

The Chapel